Next time you leaf through one of the glossy beef industry publications pay attention to the ads and ask yourself, “What are they trying to sell me?” I’m not as concerned with the individual products, as the strategy they promote for success.

Whether the ad is for an insecticide laced ear tag, wormer, a vaccine, an implant, genetics, DNA testing or a supplement, the majority of ads are selling inputs to make your cows more productive. Of course this productivity comes at a cost and the cost isn’t just the price of the inputs. Putting in the input requires equipment, facilities and labor. The problem isn’t just the price of the input, it is the cost of the inputting.

Many ranchers continue to follow the cow productivity paradigm. The result is less profit, more work and more reliance on off-farm income to make ends meet.

Many Ranching For Profit School alumni are following a different paradigm. By restructuring their ranch with enterprises that fit the environment they minimize the need for inputs and inputting, keeping overhead costs low and producing sustainable profit.

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  1. Reminds me of the statement–“Ranching is simple– The complicated part is keeping it simple”


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