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My niece, Kelsey, got married
last Saturday. The title of this article doesn’t refer to the size of the diamond on her ring. It doesn’t even refer to the place she was married, which was on top of a huge granite …

Ranches with the highest productivity per cow are not the most profitable. In fact,
according to our benchmarking, they are often among the least profitable. Ranches with extremely high cow productivity generally rely on a lot of inputs. As I explained in the 5/11

In response to my last ProfitTips one reader wrote that he found it hard to set targets and
that he felt that if he could just make a little more each year that someday he’d be satisfied. While we may not phrase it …

A Ranching For Profit School alumnus was talking to me about his financial goals.  
I asked how much profit he wanted to make.   He told me he figured he needed $20,000 to live.   I reminded him
that his salary or draw …

People tend to base their plan for this year on what happened last year.  That’s like trying to drive a car forward looking only through the rearview mirror.  That might work if you are
happy with the results you achieved last year and if you thought the conditions that produced those results won’t change.  But the road to the …

Go to any major city and you’ll see Starbucks. Not a Starbuck, but Starbucks, lots of them. There are 8 in Fairfield, where I live, and roughly 90 in San Francisco. There are over 7,000 in the United States. That’s why, when I heard Harold Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, say in an interview, “Growth is not a strategy,” I was caught off guard.

Isn’t it usually easier to solve someone else’s problem rather than your own?  It’s easier because you are more objective and haven’t invested the blood, sweat, money and tears into their
situation.  Making it even easier to be an arm-chair quarterback, you don’t have to implement any of your brilliant solutions….they do.

Just as you often see your neighbor’s opportunities more clearly than they do, they see yours too.  This is why it is so important for a business to have an outside board of advisors.
 Sometimes what they have to say isn’t easy …

Ranch Management Consultants, Inc. is in the business of putting profit into agriculture. We’ve provided the highest quality education and support programs in the industry for over 30 years. Our […]

Next time you leaf through one of the glossy beef industry publications pay attention to the ads and ask yourself, “What are they trying to sell me?” I’m not as concerned with the individual products, as the strategy they promote for success.