Dave Pratt

Effectiveness trumps efficiency. It isn’t important to do something
efficiently if you shouldn’t be doing that thing. Agriculture is replete with examples.


Reproductive Efficiency

In between EL meetings this summer I spent an evening with …

Moments ago I read the following in a popular industry magazine:
“…given the multiple challenges you face that are beyond your control—drought, rising feed and fuel costs, escalating land values—genetic selection may be the single most important component of


I don’t discuss my thoughts about climate disruption and the impact humans have had on climate at
the Ranching For Profit School because the school is not about saving the world. It is about saving your ranch. If we help enough of …

Ranching For Profit School instructors work
with people in the evenings after class to help them apply the tools they learn in the school. A lot of people take advantage of these sessions to project their stock flow, calculate

Nearly 15 years ago I
surveyed over 300 commercial cattle producers asking them questions about their grazing practices and their attitudes about change.  One hundred twenty of them (40%) identified “rotational
grazing” as their primary method of managing cattle on pasture. Over 80% of the rotational …

In a recent ProfitTips I wrote that most ranchers are
self-employed, not business owners. I explained that when someone is self-employed they don’t own a business, they own a collection of assets and a bunch of jobs. Their focus is on



In the last ProfitTips I asked you if you owned a business or a job.
I offered Robert Kiyosaki’s criteria from his book Cash Flow Quadrant: Could you leave for a year and come back to find your ranch working even better …

In Cash Flow Quadrant, Robert Kiyosaki describes four ways of making money. The
four quadrants are:

  1. Employee, where you earn a paycheck working for someone else.
  2. Self-Employed, where you own your job and work for a lunatic.

I recently heard John Reed, former chairman of the wall street giant City
Group, interviewed about the financial crisis. Prior to the financial meltdown he was one of the proponents for deregulating the financial industry. Now he believes things have gone too far and
that while …