A New Trick For An Old Dog

There are some things that don’t change very much …  there are others that do. Social media for example. Ten years ago had anyone heard of a Social Media Coordinator? But with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and all of the other things out there, how is anyone, supposed to keep up with it all and still run a business? These are all new tricks and when you are an old dog like me you need help with that stuff. Earlier this month we got help. Her name is Andrea and I couldn’t be more excited to welcome her to the RMC team.

Andrea has already established an RMC Instagram account and got us on Twitter. She also completely revamped our Facebook and YouTube channel. Please check them out, friend and like them, and forward posts you think are worth forwarding to your friends and colleagues.

Andrea Davis-Cetina will manage the Ranching for Profit social media accounts and will use them to connect with RFP alumni, the ranching community and consumers to spread the word about Ranching for Profit schools, Executive Link chapters, and sustainable business development.

Andrea’s experience in the digital and marketing world extends back ten years and encompasses agriculture, food systems, and farmer organizations. She recently joined Ranch Management Consultants as the Social Media Coordinator and is excited to use her skills to help spread the word about sustainable ranch operations.

Andrea attended Hampshire College in Amherst, MA where she received a BA in Sustainable Agriculture, with a focus on local food systems. During her college years she apprenticed on farms up and down the east coast to gain first-hand knowledge and skills from experienced farmers.

When Andrea is not at RMC you can find her out in the field running Quarter Acre Farm, which provides certified organic vegetables and seedlings to the local community.

Since she joined RMC last month, Andrea has been posting to Instagram (@Ranching4Profit), Twitter (@Ranching4Profit), Facebook (facebook.com/Ranching4Profit), and YouTube on a daily basis. Follow us to keep up to date with what is going on at RMC and the latest business resources.

Have a photo or video of your ranch or business you’d like to share? Send it to andrea@ranchmanagment.com or post it on your social media with the hashtag #Ranching4Profit


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  1. There is one comment to make. In the early 1980’s I was the member of a construction company where PC’s were just starting to come into being. The company president hired a computer expert and we led the way into personal computers. Apples for what it is worth. It was the right move for the wrong reasons. The company was way too top heavy as it was and this added to the mix. It took the next generation of managers to thin down the overhead and to put the money into direct materials and equipment to do our main job better. By then we all had our computers.


  2. Are you adding a day to the school to teach how to that there twitter thing, is it like being twitterpated? Is it an overhead or direct cost? So many questions…


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